Dear breeders and customers

Let me introduce myselfMy name is OlgaI am rendering services on private air-transfer for your pet from/to Russia, the USA and Europe (including England and Ireland) in case you purchased or sold your pet or want to carry it abroad being accompanied.


 Private delivery has a lot of advantages; it is safer and faster than delivery by Cargo:

  • check in within 1-1,5 hours before the flight at Business class desk

  • You save your time on issuance and loading on board

  • You save your money as duties are not imposed at the arrival country


 Cost of a transfer is calculated individually according to the travelling expenses and personal possibilities of a Customer. Cost depends directly on the date of a trip and weight of your pet.

I am quite experienced in international transferring and take a full responsibility on my duties, so I can guarantee comfortable and safe escort for your pet and its delivery “from hand to hand”. I have no cooperation with conductors, flight attendants and airlines, I fly together with a pet holding it on my hands and contacting with a pet during the whole trip. I transfer a pet absolutely legally, it means a pet is checked in for a flight, what is supported by boarding pass and receipt on a payment of a pet seat - Pet in cabin or Pet in hold.


My route depends totally on you, so the earlier you contact me, the more chances we have to choose the most suitable date and take a comfortable seat in cabin.


Welcome on board!






Translater: Anna Utkina